Friday, July 13, 2012

Nice View - Thirteen Views With... [2005]

Nice View is a long running Japanese thrash/hardcore band. I don't know many details about them, but they've got plenty of releases before this one. This is their first album on Sonzai Records, though (Tetsu from envy's label). 13 tracks of hi-octane Japanese thrash. I'm not sure who to compare this to, it's awesome though.

1. scene #1
2. 崖っぷち
3. 泥の誘惑
4. ラジオの向こう
5. scene #2
6. タ焼けとモンスター
7. ロースハム(for empty head)
8. deaf ear
9. scene #3
10. 残像
11. sense of doubt
12. フールの誕生 (karaoke mix)
13. ready to accept

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