Monday, July 2, 2012

Birth - Iro.EP [2007]

This debut EP from Birth pretty firmly cemented them in the hearts of all the 3cm tour fans out there as a band to watch out for. They definitely take a cue from 3cm tour, but then they kind of go off on their own direction. Their music is abrasive and explosive, but there's also this killer ghetto-beat rhythm in most of their songs that just make me want to dance.

This EP went through two sold out pressings in a few years, which is amazing. Birth released a new EP this year that is pretty fabulous, and seem to be doing really well. Recently I got a free magazine that had an interview with them, which seemed like a big deal. Their live shows seem really raw and emotional, just the way they should be.

1. 悲鳴と喘ぎ声の相違点
2. カショクギミ
3. 少女の結末
4. Y.P足らず
5. Singer
6. キョショクギミ
7. 愛と優と音についての考察と提案

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