Sunday, September 25, 2011

The Black Line Fever - Demo [2003]

I first met Jordan (guitar) on one of my first days back in Japan in the winter of 2003. I had just flown in to play guitar with Gauge Means Nothing on their Singapore/Malaysia tour, and I was being introduced to a lot of new people. Jordan was an Australian expatriate and a really nice guy. We chatted about random things, and he passed me his band's first demo.

I honestly didn't expect that much. Usually when non-Japanese played with Japanese bands the results were less than stellar. What I heard blew my fucking shit. Just insanely passionate and intense screamo violence. The kind of music that is just raging in the background as you collapse in a heap and bang your head on concrete. These guys were all gaijin (some aussie, some brits) and they were playing music that was both uniquely Japanese and completely different.

But only 3 songs! How could 3 short songs suffice. This was music that demanded more! It was not fulfilling at all. I listened to that demo about 10 times in a row that night, and to this day (yes, I'm listening right now) it's some of the most intense and inspiring music ever made.

My one regret is that I never saw them play live, but there is a video filmed by one of the la quiete/raein boyz of their last show (the song is "lights in the cage"). The line-up on the video is a little different from the one on this demo (Yoshi is singing and Itaru is on guitar). Damn, its so good. Here:

Track Listing:
1. dryflower
2. good speed
3. 唯無

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